Safety & Training

Safety Policy

JA Tech will provide a safe work environment in which controls are implemented to eliminate or minimize risks.  In fulfilling this commitment, we provide and continuously improve our safety program.  JA Tech’s Safety Management System is in accordance with industry standards and complies with legislative requirements.  We identify that working safely is an integral part of completing projects successfully.  Electrical hazards pose great risks to workers within industry and utilizing an in-depth Safety Management System mitigates risk.  JA Tech uses contractor safety management verification tools such as ISNetworld, Complyworks, and Avetta.

Environmental Policy

JA Tech is committed to protecting the health and safety of our workers and those impacted by our work, while protecting the environment.  Waste management plans have a key role to play in achieving sustainable waste management.  These plans aim to provide a tool for waste management planning and promote the development of consistent and appropriate planning throughout JA Tech.  We believe in sustainability, and actively practice waste segregation to minimize the impact on the environment.


JA Tech facilitates external and internal training for the growing demand within the electrical industry across Western Canada.  Contact us for more details.