JA Tech Inc. is a provider of field, technical and engineering services and products for most equipment and apparatus which form an electrical power system. Our specialties include HV Pfisterer terminations, fusion fiber splicing, power transformer oil filling & assembly. Our customers include large and small industrial, commercial, institutional, manufacturing and utility companies.  We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our workers and those impacted by our work, while protecting the environment.  JA Tech has an active HSE program and is COR certified, as well as being an active member of ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, Avetta and CanQual. JA Tech is also a proud member of a number of organizations including, SIMSA, CanRea, First Nations Power Authority and APEGS.

We are a Certified Aboriginal Business with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.  We understand that through inclusion and diversity, we can strengthen our company.  To view our Certificate click on the picture below.

Integrity ▪︎ Quality ▪︎ Commitment

The word quality means different things to different people, but we know it’s about accuracy, detail, and consistency. That is why quality is a key word incorporated into our motto, because our team at JA Tech understands that “quality is in the details.”

COVID-19 Response

JA Tech has always been focused on the health and safety of our employees, clients and those impacted by our actions.  As COVID-19 impacts our communities and changes the way we live, conduct business and socially interact, we want our clients to know; we are still here and working.  We have adjusted safety protocols, increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures in the field and office, and have provided our team with information and instructions on how to protect themselves, co-workers and clients.