JA Tech Inc. is a provider of specialized construction and field technical services for most equipment and apparatus which form a part of an electrical system.  The services vary in scope from emergency troubleshooting to installation, maintenance and acceptance testing, commissioning, start-up, system studies and analysis, repairs and turn-key type solutions.  More recently, we have extended our services to include instrumentation and overhead cranes.

We offer new, used and reconditioned transformers (all categories of oil filled and dry types) and switchgear as well as replacement parts for your existing equipment.

Our customers include large and smaller industrial, commercial, institutional, manufacturing and utility companies.

The test, simulation, and measuring equipment provided by JA Tech is some of the most advanced, up-to-date and well maintained in the industry today.

Whether a project is highly technical, remedial, fast track, large or small, our goal is to provide products and service second to none in quality, commitment, and integrity to our customers. Our team at JA Tech understands that “quality is in the details.” The electrical power system is the lifeline for most facilities. Therefore, we want our customers to believe that we are ...“The Power System Specialists” and “The best insurance for their electrical investment.”